Product launch

based on deep insights


Prior to launching a new type of drug targeting a specific mutation within a treatment area, AMGEN needed a deep understanding of the current standard of care (SOC) to understand key barriers and drivers for the implementation of this new treatment option. 


AMGEN’s need for deep insights and understanding of the clinical setting and current SOC prompted Signum to design a qualitative interview study with a quantitative component built into it.

Signum recruited a sample of respondents who were all key HCPs within the treatment area (two different professions involved). An extensive semi-structured interview guide was designed along with a short survey. Signum completed 1-hour interviews over the phone (due to COVID-19) with respondents, focused on uncovering treatment journeys, processes for testing and making treatment decisions as well as unmet needs and awareness of possible treatment options in the clinic.

The result

The study design that combined survey and interview, allowed Signum to deliver a baseline reading of the current standards for mutation testing and awareness within the treatment area, enabling AMGEN to return to the field and follow up on effect of congresses and press releases later. Furthermore, the deep dive into the HCPs’ work resulted in an outline of the patient journey highlighting infrastructure between professions in testing and treating as well as bottle necks and opportunities for AMGEN. Finally, the study unveiled insights to HCP awareness level of mutations and current and possible treatments as well as unmet needs and positioning opportunities for AMGEN.  

Based on this, Signum developed clear recommendations to how AMGEN, through their launch and engagement activities, could activate and work with HCPs’ awareness, needs, drivers, and barriers to create a strong product launch.  

“Obtaining qualitative and thereby deeper insights into the process and infrastructure for mutation testing has provided us with a solid foundation for planning future product launches in this treatment area.

Now we have a better understanding of how different stakeholders work together throughout the patient journey”

Tore von Würden, Country Director, Amgen

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