Half-day conference

Get closer to your customers with real omnichannel

“Omnichannel” remains a means to an end for better customer experience and engagement. But how do you apply Omnichannel in Pharma in its complex landscape of payors, providers and patients and a growing importance of medical affairs?

Join us for a half-day conference where we discuss how to apply omnichannel thinking and tools to a pharma context.

Sectors like Retail and Consumer Product Goods have been doing it for years with a clear impact on the bottom line, sales and customer experience outcomes.

What can inspire us, and where do we need to adapt? How to successfully move the needle in a context with many moving parts?

You’ll leave this half-day conference with clarity on what omnichannel is (and isn’t) and an understanding of how you can get closer to HCPs, payers, and patients when you apply omnichannel thinking and tools.

Participation is reserved for employees in the pharma and medtech industry.

6 November 2023

12.00 – 16.00 am (networking and sandwiches from 12.00)

Life Science House, Lersø Parkallé 101, 2100 Copenhagen 

Sign-up here (before 31 October)

Your speakers

  • Rasmus Houlind, CXO, Agillic
  • Bart van Proeyen, Director, Deloitte

Your hosts

  • Allan Karne, Sales Director Nordics, DLIMI
  • Simon Kaastrup-Olsen, Director Product & Innovation, DLIMI
  • Søren-Ulrik Fangholm, Managing Director & COO, DLIMI


12.00 Arrival, sandwiches, and networking

12.30 Welcome
Allan Karne, Sales Director Nordics, DLIMI

12.35 The new DLIMI​
Søren-Ulrik Fangholm, Managing Director & COO, DLIMI

12.40 What is Omnichannel Marketing and what can Pharma learn from B2C?
Rasmus Houlind, CXO, Agillic

13.30  Omnichannel Operations in a Scattered EMEA Landscape: from Pilots to Scaling
Bart van Proeyen, Director, Deloitte

14.10 Coffee break & networking

14.30 View from the inside: How X uses omnichannel in daily operations
Speaker TBC

15.00 Down to business: Find your next best action with omnichannel AI
Simon Kaastrup-Olsen, Director Product & Innovation, DLIMI

15.30 Fireside chat: Advice for the audience based on discussion of e.g.:​

  • What to do differently tomorrow if you want to exploit omnichannel?​
  • Deepest pitfalls​

DLIMI moderator: Simon Kaastrup-Olsen​

Panelists: Rasmus Houlind and Bart van Proeyen​

15.50 Thank you, wrap-up, and goodbye​
Allan Karne, Sales Director Nordics, DLIMI

16.00 End of conference

Photos and video

During the event, we may take photos (not close-ups) and record video for later use in DLIMI, SPI, and Atrium marketing materials. If you do not wish to be part of these, please notify one of our staff, and we will make sure you are omitted in the final photos/videos.