The Danish Medicines
Council dashboard

Get the data. Learn the process. Launch successfully.

Pricing, time-to-market, and efficient medicine council evaluations are directly related to successful drug launches. With The Danish Medicines Council Dashboardyou gain access to a comprehensive and understandable overview of assessments and recommendations from the Danish Medicines Council. 

Preparing for a Danish Medicines Council process can be overwhelming. Make the most of your time and knowledge by using a tool that focuses on what you need to know. Covering all clinical and therapeutic areas, this tool will prove valuable when preparing for a Medicines Council evaluation or when pricing new products for the Danish market.

Information found on the dashboard includes:

  • The number of recommendations or rejections the Danish Medicines Council have given for a given treatment
  • Populations and subpopulations that the drug has been approved for
  • Info on how the Danish Medicines Council assesses clinical value
  • Incremental costs and budget impacts related to specific clinical categories

Take advice from earlier assessments and recommendations

Our dashboard is comprised of 20,000+ pages of previous applications and decisions from the Danish Medicines Council. You probably don’t have the time or resources to go through these pages individually. Luckily, artificial intelligence allows us to identify trends and patterns in the recommendations issued by the Medicines Council – and divide them into therapeutic areas, indications, and products. This leaves you with the knowledge you need to prepare, price, and launch your product successfully. 

information needs covered:

  • Use dashboard functionalities to narrow your search
  • Get an overview of assessments and recommendations from the Danish Medicines Council
  • Compare your pharmaceutical products with products previously assessed by the Danish Medicines Council 

What IT doES


The Danish Medicines Council Dashboard allows you to home in on relevant areas and products. Choose a therapeutic area, indications, and products to get an overview of previous assessments and recommendations from the Danish Medicines Council. Then, see how your pharmaceutical product measures up to similar products that have already been assessed by the council.

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Chief Advisor Market Access

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