Indication insights

Open “the black box” of medicine use

Learn how your pharmaceutical product is used in the real world with Indication Insights, a comprehensive knowledge base for pharmaceutical sales representatives. By combining sales data with data from the National Patient Register, you get a valuable overview via a dashboard of where and how your products are used on hospital patients.

Meet healthcare professionals at eye level

Indication Insights gives you a broader understanding of your patient groups and their use of your pharmaceutical products, so you can feel knowledgeable and confident when you engage with hospital healthcare professionals (HCPs).


Indication Insights gives you the know-how you need to have qualified conversations with hospital healthcare providers. With information on how your product is used, you can plan strategically and show providers that you understand their patient and hospital needs.

open “the black box”


How Your Products Are Used

Which products are used to treat specific diagnoses in Denmark

Insights On Patient Groups

How many patients use the product, broken down by hospital and indication. How patients are diagnosed regionally

Improved Internal Reporting

More strategic planning processes and improved internal reporting