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Granular sales data

Monitor sales by location

Use the right tools to find which geographical areas offer the most potential for your products and compare with the competitive market. The brick-level structure provides a geographical overview of your product sales and those of your competitors. Each “brick” covers at least three pharmacies, and data can be divided into 60 bricks or 90 mini-bricks.

With a Brick-level data subscription, you and your sales team can get a better overview of sales developments in specific areas and follow up on developments quickly and efficiently.

Optimize your strategic sales planning

Brick data helps you plot your course to maintain or expand your market position. With sales data broken down by geographical area, you can see where your strategy needs to change, where it’s working, and how you can optimize for future success.

Target your sales

Follow up
prioritize time
target sales efforts

Granular data

Divide your geographical market into bricks (i.e. per consultant) for relevant focus and follow-up

Number of GPs per brick

See the number of General Practitioners (GP) per brick and compare the average turnover per GP between bricks

Increase market insight

Know your competitive position at a local level by identifying positive and negative areas of sales performance and plan strategically

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Jonas Arentz Bach

Team Lead Sales, Senior Consultant


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