The launch of your new medical product doesn’t mark an end to your work – it’s just the beginning.

It’s important to document the impact of your medical treatment in the post-marketing phase with real-world evidence. This data is available and often requested by patients, health care practitioners (HCP) and payers.

What is Real World Evidence?

Just like documentation in the research and development process is crucial in the receipt of medical products, the real world data from practical use of the product is important to determine the future use of this and similar products in the market. Real world evidence (RWE) is a term for gathering this practical data from the real world (RWD).

Why is real world evidence important?

Real world evidence is becoming increasingly important to companies in the pharmaceutical industry. Real world evidence integrates data from multiple sources across multiple study cases. This real world data is very important to stakeholders, HCP’s and patients in order to believe in and trust the product. By analyzing real world evidence effectively, you can react to real world data much more rapidly which makes your level of control over the market higher. DLIMI consultants can help you use relevant data and appropriate methodologies to see the impact and plan your next step.

Working with real world evidence is a challenge. Organizations must work as a team and overcome the traditional barrier between medical and market access. But exploring treatment impact can also be an opportunity to sharpen your focus and target new audiences who can benefit from your product. It will also help you meet the expectations of public authorities.

“We analyze the dynamics behind the market, which leads to insights based on the patient treatment reality – insights that are valuable not only to you, but to patients, HCPs and payers.”

Mads Obi Bergsten

Data Scientist

real world risk/benefit

provide the knowledge authorities request

Real-world can involve professionals across the organization and introduce new ways of working. They also take up a lot of resources. Plan your studies wisely to see your efforts pay off.



Working with real-world evidence tends to bring people together. It brings you closer to your market and an understanding of the impact your treatment has in real life situations.

New collaboration with Medaffcon

Enhancing Nordic RWE studies

The combined expertise of DLIMI and Medaffcon represent the fields of RWE, medical and data sciences, and health economics and with this collaboration we can conduct even better real world studies in order to strengthen patient centric access to medicine.

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