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DLIMI are your analysts and data advisors. As representatives of the pharma industry, we have unique expertise in both Life Science and the Nordic public healthcare systems. With a multi-dimensional view of healthcare data, we carry out comprehensive analyses to deliver valuable market insights which enable you to decide on the best course of action for your business.

We are with you in every step of your decision process

With 40 years of market experience, we have the range of competences needed to guide you in all the analyses and decisions necessary to gain market access, launch products and optimize sales performance. In other words: To increase market share and stay ahead of your competition.

are you ready to Datalyze?

We help you to increase market share and stay ahead of your competition.
Whether you need to empower your sales team, solve market access challenges, reach your peers and stakeholders

or dig deep for answers to better understand your market, we have concrete solutions to meet your challenges.

What we deliver

Performance Management

Our solutions provide the insight and overview of your markets at the depth you need, when you need it.

Market Access

Market entry preparation is critical to your success. The Nordic region is a highly regulated and tax paid on/off market.

Advanced Market research

Good market research starts with asking the right questions, and DLIMI will help you to dig deep for answers.

Real World Evidence

The launch of your new medical product doesn’t mark an end to your work – it’s just the beginning.

nordic presence


DLIMI works with providers of national pharmaceutic sales data in each of the Nordic countries. With this valid and consolidated data from Nordic Pharma Insights, you can strengthen your market position with insight from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

empower your sales

empower your sales

Do you need constantly updated information to define and follow up on your sales targets? Our data coverage and analysis tools are built to support your need for high quality, timely data. Subscribe and receive exactly what you need, when you need it, in the right format for you.


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